About Me?

I’m glad you decided to stop by. This is a place where you can rest your eyes for a bit, I built this for you. Photography is so overrated and antiquated these days, I take pictures just for fun and nothing more. With new social media tools such as the instagrams and what not Its no longer necessary to know anything about photo editing, taking pictures, croping, lighting, or any of the true processeees that make photography the artistic expression which it once was. I know I sound like the Comcast commercial, but you kids have it so good these days. I love photography, it puts everything in perspective for me. I wish I still had a film camera, it was the first thing I learned to shoot on, nowadays I don’t even know where you can get film. Anyhow, thank you for stopping by and checking out my digital photography.

My Selfie


4 thoughts on “About Me?

  1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my weblog and leaving a comment. Great to see others out there capturing this amazing world.

  2. Nice pics- can you still have copyright on here? Its just so easy to copy an image now. Will check out your page along the journey.

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