A pinch of color

Its been a long time, but all good things take time.

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Its been a While


Photography allows us to capture that perfect moment, its funny because afterwards we spend hours upon hours perfecting that perfect moment captured by the lens. Even then at best we are “ok” with the picture it doesn’t move us like the first time we took it.

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Suenos enfermos.

I just discovered a ton of pictures which I’ve been looking for. Pictures from when we went to Chicago for election night, and the inauguration in DC. I don’t sway one way or the other when it comes to politics, but c’mon the republican candidates are pretty ridiculous no? And that’s about all you’ll ever read about politics on this blog.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day.

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Oh wow,

I was just tooling around on here and realized how many followers I have. WOW, I was surprised, thank you all so much. Of course the feeling of surprise quickly changed to anxiety when I realized, “damn, its been too long since I posted.” Not to worry I have been working on some pictures that will hit the (word)press after the weekend. I hope you all get to go outside and enjoy whatever weather is out there, have a great weekend.  Here’s a little sneak peek.

Back At it again, HELLO WORLD!

Photography keeps me sane, it keeps me grounded.  I don’t like that feeling you get when the dust settles and you have ti figure out whats next. Get up and go, got camera will travel.

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