Where I go I do not know, where I’ve been’s been a thrill. Round and round I go to and fro, pack your bags because here we go.

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Its been a great summer thus far. Off the grid is outta this world, check it out.

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More more more!!

I know what you want. Thank you all so much for the support.

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These are pictures from nights out in San Francisco highlighted with shots of Fernet. Your typical sunday night out with a few freinds, was going good, until some sadistic bartender starts pouring free shots of fernet. All leads to scenes from the movie Hang Over. Ahh, but at last, when you wake up deranged, hideously scarred up in a daze Monday morning, you realize something. This IS TORTURE San Francisco Style.

Stretching the truth.

Stretching the truth…I just over heard that on CNN as they talk about Gingrich and Romney. It applies on this post too, because these aren’t all pictures from San Francisco, and the scenes, well they don’t look like that in real life either right? I don’t know maybe I’m getting too philosophical…… enjoy, and as always.. THANKS for Stopping by.

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Thanks for stoping by, Hope your enjoying the pictures.

One of my favorite things to do when I was living in San Francisco, was to leave the house with my camera and hop on a random bus. I’d often end  up in parts of town, I’d never been to. That is my favorite part about San Francisco, I could always find somewhere new to shoot, something out of the ordinary was always around the corner.

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