5ummer & Fa11 7w3n7y 13

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Its been a great summer thus far. Off the grid is outta this world, check it out.

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Its been a While


Photography allows us to capture that perfect moment, its funny because afterwards we spend hours upon hours perfecting that perfect moment captured by the lens. Even then at best we are “ok” with the picture it doesn’t move us like the first time we took it.

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Back At it again, HELLO WORLD!

Photography keeps me sane, it keeps me grounded.  I don’t like that feeling you get when the dust settles and you have ti figure out whats next. Get up and go, got camera will travel.

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Thanks for stoping by, Hope your enjoying the pictures.

One of my favorite things to do when I was living in San Francisco, was to leave the house with my camera and hop on a random bus. I’d often end  up in parts of town, I’d never been to. That is my favorite part about San Francisco, I could always find somewhere new to shoot, something out of the ordinary was always around the corner.

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